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Chestermere Farm Insurance

Whether you have a couple acres or a large commercial operation, farm insurance can help protect your Chestermere farm. With decades of experience as farm insurance brokers, trust the expertise of Gold Key Insurance.

Why choose Gold Key Insurance for your Chestermere farm insurance

  • Local. We’ve been serving the Chestermere area since 1991. We’re from here and understand the unique risks that farms face in the area.
  • Experienced. Our farm insurance brokers have over 100 years of combines experience.
  • Competitive. We have access to a variety of Chestermere farm insurance companies which means you can get the best coverage for the best possible rate.
  • Independent. As an independent broker, we aren’t owned by an insurance company. That means we work for you!
  • Friendly and professional. Our customer service is second to none.

Contact us today for a farm insurance quote in Chestermere and see for yourself what it’s like to work with Gold Key.

What does farm insurance cover in Chestermere?

What’s covered by farm insurance in Chestermere depends on your insurance company and individual policy. A comprehensive farm insurance policy can include coverage for:

  • Your home
  • Your personal property
  • Outbuildings including barns, sheds, and storage facilities
  • Machinery, equipment and tools
  • Livestock
  • Crops or agricultural products
  • Liability
  • Farm vehicles

Chestermere farm insurance is essentially a combination of a home and commercial policy with unique customization for farms.

Farm Home & Personal Property in Chestermere

Your home and personal property is insured on a farm just as it would be in town. This includes coverage for:

  • Physical Damage – if your home or personal property is damaged in a covered claim, your insurance will help pay for repairs, replacement or rebuilding.
  • Additional Living Expenses – If you’re forced from your farm due to a mandatory evacuation or covered claim, your additional living expenses may be covered (I.e. difference in accommodation, transportation, and food costs).
  • Personal Liability – if someone is hurt or has their property damaged when visiting your home or due to your unintentional actions, your legal expenses may be covered.

Talk to your Chestermere farm insurance broker for more details on what the home portion of your farm insurance covers.

Farm Outbuildings in Chestermere

Physical damage to your farm’s outbuildings can be covered from perils like:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Impact by vehicle
  • Vandalism and other crimes
  • Theft
  • Hail
  • Wind

Make sure you tell your farm insurance broker of all the outbuildings you wish to insure, including where they are located and what they’re used for. Your broker will likely have additional questions.

Farm Machinery, Equipment and Tools

Your farm’s machinery, equipment and tools are essential to keeping your Chestermere farm operating. Insurance can protect these essentials from a variety of perils.

Our Chestermere farm insurance brokers often recommend equipment breakdown coverage for any essential equipment. This covers repairs and replacement of equipment that suffers a mechanical or electrical breakdown – normally not covered by a physical damage farm insurance policy. This ensures your farm can get back up and running more quickly with less financial impact to you.

Livestock in Chestermere

Farm insurance can include protection for your livestock, including:

  • Cattle
  • Poultry
  • Horses
  • Sheep
  • Goats

If you insure your livestock, you can be covered if they pass away due to a variety of causes. This includes many environmental reasons (such as fire or drowning). Some insurers will also offer coverage for medical causes (like bloat or accidental injury) but this will usually have an additional cost.

Agricultural Products

Farm insurance can include protection for your processed agricultural products, including:

  • Grain
  • Feed
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Milk
  • Hay/Straw
  • Fodder
  • Fertilizers
  • And more!

Farm Liability

Farm liability insurance can include your personal liability and commercial liability. Here’s what this means:

  • Personal liability – if someone gets hurt or has their property damaged while visiting your home or due to your unintentional actions and sues, this can cover the legal expenses and damages.
  • Commercial liability – if someone gets hurt or has their property damaged while on the farm and sues, this can cover legal expenses and damages.

If you live on your farm near Chestermere, your farm insurance will include personal liability.

Farm Vehicles

If you have vehicles use for farm work or registered to your farm, you should have a special insurance policy. Farm vehicles are often used differently than normal vehicles – they have lower kilometres and may carry farm equipment. This policy is related to your farm insurance but is technically separated.

What affects Chestermere farm insurance rates?

The following factors can affect farm insurance rates in Chestermere:

  • The size of your farm
  • The type of farm
  • What you produce/sell
  • If you do custom farming
  • The revenue of your farm
  • If you rent out your land to others
  • The type and number of livestock
  • The type of crops
  • The number of employees your farm has
  • The estimated cost of rebuilding any farm structures
  • The estimated cost of replacing farm machinery, equipment, and tools
  • The estimated cost of rebuilding your home
  • The estimated cost of replacing your personal property
  • The type and construction material of all buildings on the farm
  • The heating, plumbing and electrical systems in each structure
  • Any damage prevention and mitigation devices such as security, water and fire alarms; fire suppression systems; sump pumps; sewer backup valves; et cetera
  • How far your farm is from the nearest fire station
  • If your farm is located near a risk such as a river
  • The claim rate of your area
  • The crime rate of your area
  • Your credit rating
  • Your demographics
  • Your insurance options including deductible, policy limits, and coverage

How to Get the Best Farm Insurance Rates in Chestermere

Here are our tips on getting the best farm insurance rates in Chestermere:

  • Work with a broker, as they can get farm insurance quotes from different Chestermere insurance companies.
  • Upgrade your farm’s structures. New roofs and updated heating, plumbing and electrical systems can help insurance rates and prevent claims.
  • Invest in mitigation. Good security alarms, fire suppression systems, and sump pumps can get you discounts and prevent damage. Talk to your broker about what devices are eligible.
  • Raise your deductible. You’ll pay more out of pocket if you have a claim, but your farm insurance rates will be lower.
  • Agree to a credit check. This won’t impact your credit rating and can get you a discount.

How to Get a Farm Insurance Quote in Chestermere

You can get a quote for farm insurance in Chestermere by:

  • Requesting a quote online
  • Giving us a call at 403-934-5959

You can also visit our office at 233 – 3rd Ave in Strathmore.

Which Chestermere farm insurance companies does Gold Key work with?

Gold Key Insurance works with the following farm insurance companies in Chestermere:

  • Wawanesa Insurance
  • Intact Insurance
  • Economical Insurance
  • Portage Mutual Insurance
  • SGI Canada

Which farm insurance company is the cheapest in Chestermere?

The cheapest farm insurance company in Chestermere will depend on the individual, as insurers price risks differently. A broker can take care of price shopping for you.

Which is the best farm insurance company in Chestermere?

The best farm insurance company in Chestermere will depend on your individual coverage needs and budget. We work with you to find you the best insurer based on your unique situation.

Am I eligible for farm insurance?

We can insure everything from a few acres to over 20,000. Talk to one of our Chestermere farm insurance brokers to determine if you’re eligible for farm insurance.

Are wildfires covered by farm insurance in Chestermere?

Yes, fires are covered by farm insurance.

Is water damage covered by farm insurance?

In Chestermere, the source of the water and your individual policy affects if the water damage is covered by your farm insurance. Talk to your broker for more details.

Is my farming equipment and machinery covered by farm insurance?

Your farm equipment and machinery can be covered by farm insurance but you must explicitly add it to your policy (called scheduling). Keep in mind that not every cause of damage is covered.

Equipment breakdown coverage extends protection to include mechanical and electric breakdown of essential equipment!

Any other questions? Give us a call at 403-934-5959!

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  • Review your insurance any time you have a major life change or purchase.
  • Talk to your broker if you have any questions or concerns about your policy.
  • Discuss your payment options if you’re worried about missing a payment or can’t pay it all up front.
  • Practice good risk management – talk to your broker about what you can do to protect your assets.