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Strathmore Special Events Insurance

Are you hosting a big event? Did you know you can be sued if someone gets hurt or there is property damage? Whether you’re holding a wedding, tournament, performance, party or any other type of event, make sure you’re protected. Accidents happens, and sometimes things get rowdy – especially if there’s alcohol involved.

What is covered by Special Events Insurance?


If someone is injured at your event, you can be held liable. Liability insurance will cover legal and medical costs.


If you need to cancel an event, you’re usually out a lot of money. Special events insurance helps you recoup the costs.

Prize Coverage

If someone does the impossible and wins your $100,000 hole-in-one challenge, you may not have the funds on hand. Your insurance can help.

Why Choose GoldKey

Experienced Brokers

Our brokers have a combined 100+ years of experience and we’ve been helping our community with insurance since 1991.

Competitive Rates

We strive to find you affordable home insurance that doesn’t compromise coverage.

Choice of Coverage

We work with a variety of insurance companies to ensure you get the coverage that best fits your unique circumstances.

We’re Local

We’re from here, too, so we know the unique risks you face as an Albertan. We understand your insurance needs and can help you find insurance that protects you.

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