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Strathmore Travel Insurance

Vacations should be about rest and relaxation, but sometimes that isn’t the case. If you need to cancel or reschedule your trip, require medical treatment while travelling, have to get home urgently, or lose your baggage, travel insurance can help.

What is covered by Travel Insurance?

Trip Cancellation

If you’re forced to cancel your trip before you leave, you’ll be covered for booked transportation, accommodation, and activities.

Trip Interruption

If an emergency situation forces you to return home or be delayed while on vacation, this coverage will help get you home and cover the costs associated.

Lost or Stolen Baggage

If your baggage is lost or stolen, travel insurance will give you some funds to get what you need or replace what is lost.

Medical Treatment

The most important part of travel insurance, medical treatment, will cover your expenses related to a sudden injury or illness, including transportation to medical services or home.

Why choose GoldKey

Experienced Brokers

Our brokers have a combined 100+ years of experience and we’ve been helping our community with insurance since 1991.

Competitive Rates

We strive to find you affordable home insurance that doesn’t compromise coverage.

Choice of Coverage

We work with a variety of insurance companies to ensure you get the coverage that best fits your unique circumstances.

We’re Local

We’re from here, too, so we know the unique risks you face as an Albertan. We understand your insurance needs and can help you find insurance that protects you.

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